I was going through some old dvds today and found some of these little lovelies.
I’ve been photographing them every three months for the last nine years.
When I started there were only two.

This was about a year into it.


This is them today.


When we started Ava and Elsie weren’t even born, yet. So I’ve been able to document their sweet little lives from birth.
This is Ava over the years.


And today. Such a beauty.





Sweet Mia.


What an unexpected perk, to get to know these children and love them and love their mama.
I got four little “nieces” and made a good friend. I am blessed.

We’re getting ready to start the 2016 senior sessions and found this gem from late last year. What a beauty!
I found out during our shoot that Anna shows saddlebreds, too, which is what I had when I was younger.
I wish I would have gone to the farm with her.

I’m taking a few more seniors than usual, because I know a lot of kids who are approaching this milestone over the next few years.
(I CAN’T BELIEVE I will be planning Sadie’s photos this time next year. Ugh.)
I try to make each one as individualized as possible. They are one of my favorite things to photograph
and I love talking to them, on the cusp of such an exciting transition and journey.

Anna was a dream to photograph. So calm and peaceful and lovely. Good luck and have fun, Anna!







I’m starting to like these big group shoots.
They’re a little challenging, because it takes a lot of time to organize and find the time for that many people to come together.
And you get about 15 minutes to pose and shoot (at least with this group’s attention span.)
But it’s fun to come up with a poster photograph that’s really cool and not so cliché or corny.
It’s much more fitting for such a talented and inspiring team.

Now, the rest is up to you guys. Get out there and take state!

mindy myers photography

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and style!