I’m starting to like these big group shoots.
They’re a little challenging, because it takes a lot of time to organize and find the time for that many people to come together.
And you get about 15 minutes to pose and shoot (at least with this group’s attention span.)
But it’s fun to come up with a poster photograph that’s really cool and not so cliché or corny.
It’s much more fitting for such a talented and inspiring team.

Now, the rest is up to you guys. Get out there and take state!

mindy myers photography

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and style!


I photographed some girls from local Des Moines high schools this week.
Most of these ladies are from Roosevelt, although there is one Dowling Catholic student in the mix.
The shoot was the concept of my daughter’s friend Rachel, who has helped me quite a bit with
make-up and styling in some of my shoots.

While I knew that all of these girls would be beautiful, I was more impressed with how composed, mature and kind they were.
What bright hope they represent for our future.

mindy myers photography