and then there were four.

These are some of my dearest, coolest friends.
We go way back and this baby was a long time coming, so I am totally in love with her.

The dog . . . well I think he’s adjusting, yet fairly annoyed. It is really cool to watch your friends become parents. You kind of forget the magic in that when you’re in the thick of raising babies, yourself.
It has been especially fun to watch these two.That face! The most beautiful!
I. Love.


the lowe family . . .

. . . is the sweetest family. Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!

that’s a wrap.

Spent a frigid and snow-kissed night doing the last shoot for the 2014 season.
(Ok-still have a couple of stragglers and holiday travelers to fit in before the year is over.)
But for the most part, that’s a wrap.
I had a GREAT 2014. Maybe the best year, yet.
Thank you, thank you to all of my lovely clients (friends.)


The first time I photographed this boy, he was a newborn. (sigh.)

I couldn’t find any of those prints tonight, but I found some from when he was a little older.

Now he’s this guy.

He thinks he’s on his way to becoming a psychiatrist, but I think he might want to take a detour to NY.
On top of being incredibly smart, he acts, he sings, he’s in the show choir . . .

He’s got an easy, smooth look.

He’s a natural in front of the camera.

Caleb, it’s been fun to watch you grow up. You’ve made everyone so proud.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I can’t wait to see.

belly q

These beautiful people are having a baby!
I photographed their engagement and their wedding and I’m so happy that they are expecting very soon.
It’s such a blessing to witness people’s journeys.

L i k e   i t   u p