Taylor was one of my first 2018 senior shoots from this summer.
Her print order just came in, so I’m ready to share more of her beautiful images.
She is an accomplished golfer and dancer, so we worked those into her summer session.
I have been photographing a lot of seniors that last couple of years and it really is my favorite, right now.
So immensely talented and driven and ready to launch.
Good luck, lovely Taylor.

And this one . . .

I must divulge that I am slightly biased about this girl, because she is the daughter of my favorite, younger-than-me male cousin.
(There’s only one of you, Scott.)

Codee grew up with oder twin brothers who were basketball phenoms, but she only took that as a challenge.
She’s an amazing athlete, a beautiful person and just about the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

She has the sparkliest happy eyes. I think she gets that from the Myers. 🙂

Love you, Codee Jo!

A lot of my 2017 seniors are coming in to order, so I can finally share some of their images.

I know that I say it a lot, but I have the best clients. Especially these seniors.
They are all so cool and wise and unique and beautiful. Somehow, if I’m lucky, I manage to capture a little bit of that.

This is Emily. Mostly, she is smart and sharp, graceful and funny.
But she also has this throwback 1940s, classic beauty about her.

And that HAIR!

This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. Even her hands are graceful.
Thanks for letting me take your photos, lovely Emily!
Good luck next year. Please keep in touch with us.